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 1. Is the clock really made out of wood?

The clock has some parts that are NOT made out of wood, such as the pendulum rod and the arbors, that are made in aluminium or the the fixing bolts and nuts, that are brass. However, all the mechanism parts, the wheels, the escapement system, the clock face, are in solid wood.

2. Is it really working?

Of course it is. In the old times all the clocks were realized with the same system. Obviously there are some problems connected with the use of wood, for instance if you mount the clock very near or in front of a stove or a air-conditioning system, the rapid changes in temperature can affect the accuracy of the clock, or even stop it. You must remember that wood is a 'living' material that react to every changes of temperature and humidity. And the clock must be perfectly leveled to work. Every temperature or humidity variation that changes the leveling of the clock will stop it. For this purpose the clock has an adjusting screw that lets you level it, so it will work fine.

3. What about the accuracy?

Theoretically it is very accurate. In practic the accuracy depends on the above discussed factors about humidity and temperature. The pendulum lenght is adjustable to achieve the maximum possible accuracy. You can expect a variation of +/- one minute in 24 hours.

4. I really like the clock, but I would like it to be more 'personal'

I can engrave every kind of logo or writing on the clock, for instance your logo or a dedication to the person you want to give the clock to. Just send me an e-mail to discuss that.

5. I would like to buy a clock. How many days will I have to wait?

Clocks are made on request. This means that I don't have ready made clocks in store. And every time a build a clock, it will stay in my workshop for at least a week to be sure it works properly. Thus, shipping time varies from a miminum of two weeks to a maximum of 5 weeks. It is possible, however, that I have some clocks ready for shipping. In this case the clock will be sent in a couple of days. Just drop me a line to know the shipping date.

6. Is it possible to have the clock in a different wood?

Yes, of course. Obviously the wood you choose must be suitable to build a working clock. For instance, spruce or larch are not ok, because they are too weak to build the totheed weels. And I need to collect the wood you ask for, so shipping time can vary. Anyway, I will be happy to discuss with you the use of particular kinds of wood.